To Write or Not to Write

hello darlings,

Hooboy, it’s been a long day. I’ve walked over 5 miles in high heels going from meeting to meeting downtown and I’m beat. Since I am not drinking for at least the next 30-90 days as part of my dietary cleanse, I think the best place for me right now is in bed, with my eyes closed. But boy, a bourbon neat, sounds very compelling.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how being a writer might impact my career in public service. I can cite a hundred scenarios of how someone wrote something controversial on Facebook or Twitter or Reddit only to be taken to task by the “cancel culture.” I totally get it. I think people who work in public service should be held to a higher standard than private citizens. In fact, I want my police officers, fire fighters, elected officials and other people serving the community to be the very best and brightest individuals with the highest level of creative thinking. I want my President to be. 

But then there’s this other part of me that also thinks, what is the line between maintaining higher standards and valuing my own personal liberties? Can we compartmentalize our lives that way? Public servant by day, irreverent writer at night?

This evening I sat here considering, do I even get to write what I want? Who will get offended? Will someone in the community read this and think that blogging is weird and no sane person would be doing it? What if I want to drop an F-bomb now and again. Is that okay or too vulgar? What if I rage against a certain political party, is that crossing the line? What if I want to talk about the person on the bus who’s pants kept falling down and they didn’t have underwear on – can I write about that?

I don’t know.

At the end of the day, this is my writing space. Conceivably, I should be allowed to be me. Or did I give up that right when I accepted my role in public service? And do I censor my published work and creativity because of it?

I’ve made thousands of dollars as a blogger. I can remember thinking these same thoughts when I was a brand ambassador for the “Moca Mola” soft drink company and “Jabisco” (among others). I remember that relationship informing what I wrote and I hated it. This is why I don’t care that much about being part of that world. It’s not for me. Leave it to the influencers.

At the end of the day I just want to write what I want to write. No one is getting a Pulitzer here and no one is getting rich. Yet somehow I can’t help but feel like I might be the one paying the price.

PS. Calm down. Nothing has happened and no one has said anything. I’m just thinking out loud. I’m not that important!


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