Everyday is an opportunity

Welcome to Generous & Kind, I’m Giyen. This website is part personal journal and part digital living room. You’ll find a collection of personal essays, short stories, travelogs and links to things I think you should know about. I tend to gravitate towards topics involving personal development, travel, pop culture, creativity, entrepreneurship and second (third, fourth) acts.

I’ve called this Generous & Kind because these are the two words that sum up my approach to life. It’s what I like to bring into a room, into my relationships and hopefully what I inspire in others. I also try really, really hard to be generous and kind to myself – but that’s a work in progress and something I am in constant struggle with.

If you were really in my living room, I would pour you a glass of wine  , myself a shot of bourbon  , and then pepper you with questions about your life because I am pretty convinced that you’re way more interesting than I am. 

Since in most cases that’s logistically impossible, I’d love to connect with you on social media – you can find me mostly on Instagram and sometimes Facebook and almost never on Twitter. If you want a more personal connection – sign up for my email newsletter – which is kinda like your Aunt Ida Mae’s annual Christmas letter – but weekly.

But seriously, thanks so much for stopping by – it means the world to me. 


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